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What happens when the torsion springs are damaged?

Garage door torsion springs facilitate the opening of a garage door. Hence, if they break down, you may have to resort to manually opening your door. Our garage door repair personnel say that if they don’t work as expected, they can possibly overburden the electric or automatic garage door opener.

How do I manually open an automatic garage door?

Garage doors with electric or automatic garage door openers are manually opened by first disengaging the openers. Refer to the door opener manual for the instructions since the methods may vary for the different kinds of door units. Don’t forget to disconnect the power supply.

Is getting insulation for my garage door important?

Insulation is important mainly because it helps in controlling the temperature of the garage. This means you will be able to save more money because less energy will be needed to cool your garage space in summers and heat it in winters. The amount of insulation can be determined by the R-value.

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